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OpenBlock: A Hyperlocal News Website …

Turn civic data into news by connecting sources such as crime reports, 311 service requests, building permits and more.

Aggregate all your local news and data from many sources onto local maps.

Really local – down to a single block!

Browse by location (neighborhood, zip code, block etc) or by content type (local news, crime reports, restaurant inspections, etc).

Provide user-defined locations, custom feeds and custom email alerts.

… or a Hyperlocal News Engine

Enhance your existing website by adding local geotagged content.

Quickly geotag all your articles so you can search for them by location or configure widgets you can embed in your existing website.

Serve geotagged RSS feeds and a full API (Application Programming Interface) for all of your stories and data.


OpenBlock began life as the open-source code released by in June 2009. Originally created by Adrian Holovaty and the Everyblock team, it is now developed as an open-source (GPL) project at .

Funding for both the initial creation of Everyblock and the ongoing development of OpenBlock was provided by the .