OpenBlock v1.1.0 documentation

Sending Alerts

OpenBlock users can subscribe to email alerts from any location they're interested in.

In order to support this feature, there is a script that needs to be called regularly. You can do this any way you like; would work fine.

Here's an example crontab file that sends the daily alerts once a day, and the weekly alerts once a week. Adjust the environment variables as needed:

@daily $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/send_alerts  --frequency daily
@weekly $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/send_alerts --frequency weekly

Note that OpenBlock does not remember which alerts have already been sent, so you should not send eg. daily alerts more than once a day, or your users will get duplicate alert messages.

Disabling Alerts

Disabling Email Alerts entirely is easy. In your, just remove "ebpub.alerts" from settings.INSTALLED_APPS. (You can copy the setting from ebpub/ and modify it.) This will remove the alerts sign-up links from all OpenBlock pages.