OpenBlock v1.1.0 documentation


OpenBlock consists of a number of packages, summarized below:

Main Code Packages


The code and configuration used by . This is useful as an example of how to set up your own site based on OpenBlock, and is a great place to start. It primarily uses the ebpub package, and is set up with Boston, MA as the area of interest.

For more information, see obdemo.


Publishing system for block-specific news, as used by

This is the core of an OpenBlock site, providing the web interface that users see as well as the underlying data models. You need this.

For more information, see ebpub.


Code to help write scripts that crawl/parse/import data into ebpub.

You will probably need to write such scripts to get OpenBlock to do anything useful; that is the main way you feed local news into the system.

For more information, see ebdata.


Administrative UI, installation and utilities package for OpenBlock.

For more information, see obadmin.

Other Packages

There are several open-source packages originally released by the team in 2009, but not actively used or maintained by the OpenBlock core developers. They have been moved out of OpenBlock itself and into