OpenBlock v1.1.0 documentation


The obdemo package contains code, templates, and configuration specific to .

They are intended to serve as a useful example of how to set up a site based on the OpenBlock code.

By default, the site is set up to use Boston as the default location for the maps. You can change that by tweaking, but then you're on your own for finding local data to load.

How The Demo Works

obdemo uses the following parts of the OpenBlock codebase:

  • ebpub does the heavy lifting, providing all the view and model code. We also use the base templates, scripts, and css from here, although we override a few templates.
  • ebdata is used to feed news data into the system.
  • obadmin obadmin provides the administrative interface, the "oblock" setup command that we use for installation and bootstrapping. It also provides a custom test runner (called as usual by test).
  • obdemo itself is a thin wrapper around the other packages and provides some data fixtures, migrations, and scripts to bootstrap the data used for the Boston demo.

For the maps, we use a free base layer based on Open Street Map and hosted by OpenGeo. Consequently, we don't need or Mapnik.

We don't currently use any of the other packages (ebblog, ebwiki, everyblock, or ebinternal).


See Deployment